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Tracking DomiNations' rise up western top grossing charts

Big Huge Games rethinks strategy
Tracking DomiNations' rise up western top grossing charts

Developed by a team with a design lineage stretching back to Civilization II, Alpha Centauri and Rise of Nations, RTS fans had been eagerly awaiting the release of DomiNations

And as our Charticle demonstrates, a month from launch, the Big Huge Games' developed and Nexon-published (technically it's from Nexon M, Nexon's mobile publishing arm) strategy title is certainly off to a strong start in western markets.

It's not yet been released in China, Japan or South Korea, however, so in this article we'll limit our analysis to the main territories, looking across iPhone, iPad and Google Play.

Starting point

Building on the foundation of Clash of ClansDomiNations' gameplay is firmly within the 'build-a-base, build-an-army and attack other base' style.

Its monetisation is also similar, with two soft resources and one hard currency combining to speed progress.

As a longer form game, it's no surprise that iPad slightly out performs iPhone in terms of chart position if not revenue (iPhone is much more lucrative), but on both platforms DomiNations has charted high, being well within the top 50 top grossing.

If we look at key English-speaking territories, on iPad the game's performance in the UK and US mirror each other, with it doing slightly better in the UK.

And most impressive in terms of longterm prospects, it's well within the top 20 on both.

In Australia, DomiNations' position is lower - it's outside the top 50 - and shows more volatility.

Looking at the performance on iPhone, the Australian performance now more closely matches that in the UK and US.

Here the UK shows the most volatility, but at the end of the period, again it's the US and UK which lead in terms of chart position - this time, just outside the top 20.

Old Europe

In terms of top European markets, we're looking at France and Germany.

Surprisingly, given the historic popularity of the strategy genre in Germany, DomiNations has done equally well in France.

On iPad, it's now a top 10 game in both countries, and on iPhone a top 20 games.

Looking at Google Play, DomiNations actually performs better in France than Germany.

The chart position is similar to iPhone and iPad in terms of the top 20, even though games tend to take a lot longer to rise up the Google Play chart compared to the App Store, as can be seen by comparing the gradient of the lines during the launch week. 

Looking at the Google Play performance for Australia, UK and the US, the game's performance is solidly within the top 100, with the UK again out-charting the US, and being within the top 50.

Australia's line stretches beyond the formal global launch date as the game was in soft launch there.

Of course, as stated, the west is now a minority part of the mobile games market, so Nexon - a Korean company that's based in Japan - will no doubt now be looking to expand the game's success ever wider, particularly in Asian markets ranging from China and Japan to South Korea and Taiwan.