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Yahaha partners with Spitfire to bring The Dead Daisies into the metaverse

Making rock music more accessible through the metaverse
Yahaha partners with Spitfire to bring The Dead Daisies into the metaverse

Yahaha Studios has revealed partnership with Dimoso, Altergaze, and Spitfire Music to bring music from rock band The Dead Daisies’ into the metaverse.

Through the partnership Spitfire Music wants to use the metaverse to make rock music more accessible to millions of people, enabling live connections in real time, all the time.

The Daisyland 3D virtual world will be launched later this year with the aim of creating a new layer of interaction between the band and its fans. The Dead Daisies boasts a strong lineup of rock music legends, including Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple, Doug Aldrich of Whitesnake, Brian Tichy from Foreigner, and Mink’s David Lowy.

The group's first venture into the gaming space came last year with the release of Daisy’s Revenge, a mobile shooting game set in a carnival underworld that features the band's music.

Rock legends

"We’re thrilled to welcome The Dead Daisies to Yahaha - they’re absolute rock superstars," said Yahaha director of developer relations Patty Toledo.

"This is a band that is made up of musical legends, they have a real vision that has fans at its heart, and they are leading the way in bringing music to our 3D social platform."

As a creator-first social platform, Yahaha recently secured $50 million in seed funding ahead of its launch this summer to build its "no-code" UGC metaverse.

The Dead Daisies band manager David Edwards added: "The metaverse presents a unique opportunity to lead the way in a new world of entertainment; cutting edge technology will bring fans of the band right into Daisyland. Not only that, it’s an amazing way for fans of the band to experience The Dead Daisies like never before. Partnering with Yahaha, Altergaze and Dimoso is only the first step, we can’t wait to show you what else we have in store."

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