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The first ever Pocket Gamer LaunchPad takes off on July 23-25

Our brand new consumer focused digital show is designed to showcase exciting new/upcoming mobile games across multiple platforms - get involved now!
The first ever Pocket Gamer LaunchPad takes off on July 23-25

Introducing a brand new digital event designed to showcase the most exciting new and upcoming games - Pocket Gamer LaunchPad taking place on Thursday, July 23rd to Saturday, July 25th.

The event will take place over the three days in July and be centred around a dedicated content hub on and a daily two hour video stream with extensive support from the Enthusiast Gaming media network (including mobile games publishers themselves), alongside extended organic media coverage across the wider gaming community.

How will the event run?

Pocket Gamer LaunchPad will follow these key elements:

  • LaunchPad Live Broadcasts - two hours per day streamed on YouTube/Twitch and shared across a media network of Enthusiast Gaming properties to approximately one million live viewers
  • A central ‘live’ hub of content on - one core article with links supported by multiple articles across the week on PocketGamer and on other partnering media channels
  • Dedicated site skin and advertising promotion - extra promotion for key partners via advertising and takeovers around this period on and selected partner channels
  • Live ‘App Army’ Discord group + wide social promotion - engaging with the audience directly via multiple discord channels and social promotions on Twitter, Facebook and beyond
  • Publisher partnerships & promotions - we will also work with selected publishers and partners to provide extra promotion in app and on related social media as well as bespoke competitions and offers
  • PLUS Persistent longtail coverage - all streamed videos and editorial will remain live on the channels (along with some follow up pieces) to provide ongoing longtail reach

The LaunchPad Network

Although the event will take place on channels, it will be supported by a much wider network of media, influencers and apps to amplify the reach, including:

  • The Enthusiast Gaming Media Network - the world’s leading gaming network reaches over 200 million gamers monthly through a vast portfolio of web properties including Destructoid, the Escapist, Nintendo Enthusiast and Daily Esports
  • The Steel Media Network - our in-house media network of mobile games sites led by but also featuring,, PocketGamer.Fr, PocketGamer.Biz and
  • The Smartphone Alliance Network - a network of leading influential partner sites including Touch Arcade, TouchTapPlay, Level Winner and more
  • Influencer partners - we run our own Pocket Gamer YouTube channel and have partnered with a network of influencers and platforms including Galadon Gaming, AppFind and Klaus Gaming, with over 2.5M subscribers
  • And more - A range of leading games partner publisher are signing up as partners to provide offers, competitions and amplify the activity across their own network

LaunchPad daily video content

Each day, we’ll have an approximately 120 minute stream covering the day’s new announcements, trailers, developer interviews and gameplay. The streams will be posted on the Pocket Gamer YouTube channel, with each show being divided into sections based on the day’s activities.

Segment themes will be:

  • Trailer debut - a chance to air new announcement trailers live on the Pocket Gamer YouTube channel
  • Developer interview - a developer is invited onto the screen via Skype / Zoom to chat about their new game over b-roll / live gameplay
  • Gameplay - the hosts play a selection of the newly announced / released games. If the game is live in the App Store / Google Play then a code will be required. If the game is not yet live then a Testflight invitation will be required
  • Competition - generate interest for newly released games by giving away game codes live on the show. This would likely be peppered throughout the stream, with winners chosen via interactions in the chat

Segments are flexible in terms of timing based on available content and demand. Streams will be saved and uploaded as video on the Pocket Gamer YouTube channel for future viewing, potentially broken into smaller aspects.

Get involved!

There are multiple opportunities to get involved with Pocket Gamer LaunchPad, including sponsorships to help promote your game or even your brand, as well as promotional partnerships. Contact or for details on how to get involved on that front.

We recognise that the best games don’t always come from the biggest companies. That’s why we are running an indie developer program for those smaller indie studios who’d like to showcase their exciting upcoming projects. You can sign up using this form.