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The Horizon franchise is reportedly eyeing a mobile debut

A job listing on Guerrilla Games’ website hints that the acclaimed series may be coming to mobile devices
The Horizon franchise is reportedly eyeing a mobile debut
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The bestselling Horizon franchise may be heading to mobile devices with its upcoming multiplayer online game, reports

A job listing on developer Guerrilla Games’ site sought out a candidate for the role of game writer, with the company specifically looking for someone who has “shipped at least one, narrative-heavy mobile game or indie title.”

The Horizon series first launched in 2017 with Horizon: Zero Dawn, and tells the story of Aloy, a woman in the distant future who must investigate the truth about humanity's downfall in order to save the world. The series has previously been available only on PlayStation consoles and PC, and has drawn praise for its presentation, narrative, and in-depth combat mechanics. Owing to the success of the franchise, it has seen adaptations in comic and board game form, and a Netflix series based on the franchise was announced in May 2022.

Sony has been quietly expanding its presence in the mobile space for some time, and has noted its desire to bring some of its titles to mobile platforms. With the Horizon series being one of the most recognisable first-party franchises in Sony’s roster, and the subject of a Netflix series, it's a prime candidate for move to mobile.

Over the horizon

One barrier for the game may be the different capabilities of mobile gaming and PC or console offerings. While mobile technology is continuously evolving, other platforms offer higher graphical fidelity, and the visuals of the Horizon series have been a point of particular praise.

Leaks from January, concerning an upcoming multiplayer adaptation of the game, if accurate, suggest that the multiplayer entry will have lower graphics and a more stylised look. This may indicate that the company is developing the game with performance on a variety of platforms in mind, including mobile.

Alternatively, with those leaks originating from 2022, it's possible the new iteration will be significantly more advanced, or will take the franchise into a territory that's more suited to mobile.

In December, we reported on the latest hirings as PlayStation Mobile continued to expand its team.