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The Hot Five: Maudlin bigs up Android's future, Nintendo facing up to the Third Reich, and native code support coming to Windows Phone

Last week's top five stories

Welcome to's weekly rundown of the stories clocking up the hits, picking up the click-throughs and generally keeping the advertisers happy by serving up page views.

Or, if you'd prefer, the top five stories currently dominating our readers' attention.

Each week, we'll be counting down the biggest news from the previous seven days, giving just a glimpse of the industry's big issues, from five to one.

THQ posts H1 FY12 mobile revenue of $1.47 million, down 51%

THQ's half year financial report for 2011 showed that, despite selling off its wireless operations to 24MAS in February, the firm is still alive and kicking in the mobile scene thanks to strong iOS sales.

Mobile revenues have undoubtedly taken a hit, however, coming in at $730,000 - down 51 percent from the $1.5 million the company generated a year ago.

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In the battle of the app markets, Android has the winning numbers, says Papaya's Justin Mauldin

US marketing manager for PapayaMobile Justin Mauldin took time out from his busy schedule to outline why he believes Android has all the ingredients necessary to eventually blow Apple's App Store out of the water.

This despite predictions Android will just about catch up with the big A in terms of total number of apps in the middle of 2012.

"While iOS still provides very good levels of monetisation - assuming people can find your app - the user base of Android will continue to accelerate much quicker as we move to that tipping point where smartphones pass 50 percent of mobile devices," stated Mauldin.

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Opinion: Nintendo's overwhelming DS success as much to blame for current woes as mobile momentum

Having worked his way through an entire box set of WWII documentaries - and in the wake of a supposed slide in DS software sales according to Flurry - news ed Keith Andrew saw a lot of similarities between the fall of France to the Third Reich and the situation Nintendo currently finds itself in.

"The tactics Nintendo previously used to beat off former enemies is not going to nullify this new foe, nor will turning its back on the approaching armies in the hope they'll simply pass on by," he said.

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As it prepares for its most active quarter of releases, Glu CEO de Masi says its scale is crucial for success

"We've beaten guidance for the seventh consecutive quarter, surmounted the challenges of CPI business on iOS, and are about to release our most games ever in a quarter," explained Glu Mobile CEO Niccolo de Masi.

De Masi has been pushing the loss-making company forward since he joined at the start of 2010, slowly changing it from a carrier-focused Java publisher to a freemium smartphone outfit.

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Windows Phone will support native code, but only when Windows Phone 8 is released

A bone of contention for many a Windows Phone developer, chatter that broke last week suggested support for native code will soon be on its way to the OS - but only when version 8 rolls out. 

It's expected the release of the update - also known as Apollo - will also enable convergence with the forthcoming Windows 8 OS, itself designed for PCs and tablets.

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