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The Sandbox partners with Hong Kong companies to create Mega City metaverse

Including Adrian Cheng, PwC Hong Kong, and Times Capital
The Sandbox partners with Hong Kong companies to create Mega City metaverse

Anicoma Brands subsidiary The Sandbox has revealed that it has agreed multiple partnerships with Hong Kong firms and industry leaders.

The firm’s new partners range from music, film, entertainment, acting, professional services, finance, real estate, and gaming sectors in the country. The goal of the partnerships is to create a "Mega City" within its virtual world to act as a "cultural hub".

As part of the partnership, the new entrants to the virtual world have purchased virtual real estate in the form of land NFTs within The Sandbox open metaverse, each committing to building experiences in Mega City.

To celebrate its new partners, The Sandbox is launching a new land sale on January 13th, 2022 that will allow players to purchase virtual real estate located near its newly formed partners.

Hong Kong collaboration

Hong Kong-based entrepreneur and investor Adrian Cheng, Sun Hung Kai & Co, PwC Hong Kong, Times Capital, director and actor Stephen Fung, and more.

The Sandbox has stated that all virtual land in Mega City will share a "city-of-the-future connection", with it mimicking Hong Kong in its aesthetic while also "reflecting the vision" of virtual land owners.

For example, investor Adrian Cheng’s virtual plot will act as an "innovation hub" and will feature the GBA Pavilion that will showcase the success of startups from around the Greater Bay Area. GBA Companies associated with Cheng, will be featured within the GBA pavilion and provide exclusive NFTs, entertainment, and additional immersive experiences.


To date, The Sandbox has partnered with over 165 worldwide brands, including Adidas, Snoop Dogg, The Walking Dead, and Shaun the Sheep. Furthermore, it has sold 70 per cent of its 166,464 virtual land NFTs.

The recent announcement follows a Series B funding round in November 2021 which raised $93 million for The Sandbox to grow its metaverse.