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UK games industry publishes its first #RaiseTheGame report

It "shows a lot of positive progress from the games industry in regards to inclusivity"
UK games industry publishes its first #RaiseTheGame report

The first UK games industry #RaiseTheGame report has been published.

Last spring, more than 100 companies joined the initiative to create environments that promote equality, inclusivity and diversity.

Primarily, #RaiseTheGame has key main pillars, the first of which is to create a diverse workforce. Secondly, it wants to see work environments become more welcoming and inclusive.

Finally, the third pillar is to see greater diversity in the work companies produce, from game design and development to marketing.

In its first report, #RaiseTheGame was given 30 detailed case studies from existing partners such as Xbox, Codemasters, Electronic Arts, King, Mediatonic, Jagex and Sumo Digital.

Make a change

Overall, it was found that recruitment practices across different organisations have been improved. This was achieved through language use in advertisements, encouraging those of different backgrounds to apply for positions.

Through the use of internal surveys, some companies have successfully created a more inclusive work culture.

Moreover, new recruits are receiving additional support to help integrate them into the team, while unconscious bias training programmes have also been implemented.

Finally, many companies have taken the third pillar seriously, as characters of increasingly diverse backgrounds are being created. Furthermore, businesses have been forming partnerships to build foundations for inclusive titles.

Making progress

“The #RaiseTheGame one year on report shows a lot of positive progress from the games industry in regards to inclusivity, but there remains much more that we can do,” said Ukie CEO Dr Jo Twist OBE.

“While businesses have made strong and effective commitments to diverse hiring practices and inclusive working environments, we all collectively have to work hard to ensure that transforms into more inclusive games in the coming years.

“The full effects of the pledge may take years to fully filter through, but it’s important that we collectively continue to hold ourselves accountable and ensure EDI remains central to the sector.”

Recently, it was revealed that the UK games industry would be offering more than 100 jobs over the coming year.