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TIGA calls for UK Government to support 'world leading' games industry

Tax breaks essential for creative industries
TIGA calls for UK Government to support 'world leading' games industry

In a reply to a report on how best to support UK manufacturing compiled by JCB chairman Sir Anthony Bamford, TIGA CEO Dr. Richard Wilson has pleaded with the Government not to neglect creative industries.

Wilson agrees with the findings of the report which puts forward a nine point plan to bolster manufacturing, including tax incentives to increase capital investment but uses it to draw attention to the comparative strength of the UK games industry.

Creative crunch

"UK manufacturing is clearly one area which the Government should support," opened Wilson in his reply.

"However, the Government must also support the growth of other sectors where we have competitive advantages, in particular, the creative industries and education.

"Many of the UK's creative industries, including video games development, are world leading."

Wilson asserts that the techniques recommended by Bamford to support manufacturing could and should be utilised to keep games development ticking over across the country.

"Sir Anthony's report rightly notes that tax incentives and tax breaks can power growth in manufacturing," adds Wilson.

"The UK Coalition Government should apply the same principles to the video games development sector."

Tax test

Wilson's statement comes weeks after TIGA which serves as a trade association for the games industry submitted its own report to the Government, proposing the formation of a Games Tax Relief.

The body asserted the UK needed to react to tax breaks offered to games developers in Canada, France and the US, amongst others, by offering similar forms of relief to developers and start-ups in the UK.

"TIGA's new Games Tax Relief would effectively lower the cost of games production in the UK and power economic growth in the sector; it would attract inward investment and also help smaller British owned and controlled studios," concluded Wilson.

"TIGA will be campaigning for these and other measures in the run up to the March 2012 Budget."