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TIGA welcomes new £4 million Video Game Prototype Fund for UK developers

Offering £25,000 grants to help develop prototypes
TIGA welcomes new £4 million Video Game Prototype Fund for UK developers

Trade association TIGA has welcomed the launch of a new £4 million Video Game Prototype Fund.

Another initiative from the UK government, it will be used to support start-ups and young developers in getting their game to a prototype stage.

Running until 2019, the fund will award developers grants of up to £25,000 to aid in the development of playable prototypes, with a select few receiving grants of up to £50,000 to push them beyond the prototype phase.

TIGA CEO Dr Richard Wilson said "The new £4 million Prototype Fund is another arrow in the quiver for the UK video games industry and one which TIGA has consistently campaigned for."

Future success

"The UK video games industry contributes over £1.1 billion to UK GDP. This Fund, allied with Games Tax Relief, R&D Tax Credits and the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme, will further improve the industry’s access to finance and so contribute to the future success of the sector."

The fund comes as a result of TIGA's campaigning for more funding for new developers that started last year, a proposal originally known as the Creative Content Fund.

Submissions to the new fund aren't open yet, but any developers interested in it can take a look at the UK Games Fund website and sign up for the mailing list to keep informed.