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Tilting Point out to invest $132m in mobile games user acquisition annually

The mobile games publisher is out to solve fundamental challenges in the free-to-play mobile games marketplace
Tilting Point out to invest $132m in mobile games user acquisition annually
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Mobile games publisher Tilting Point is set to commit to an annual investment of $132 million in mobile games user acquisition.

The New York-based publisher’s modus operandi with its UA fund is to solve fundamental challenges that face the free-to-play mobile marketplace.

The first challenge it has identified is a difficulty in breaking through in a hit-driven ecosystem.

Next up is a lack of funding, expertise and technological sophistication for effective user acquisition. Rounding off is the depth and complexity of live operations needed for mobile games that have the potential to scale.

Tilting Point initially revealed the funding scheme back in 2016. It has since partnered up with companies like Disruptor Beam for a UA campaign for mobile strategy RPG Star Trek Timelines, and has also committed $18 million to grow Nukebox Studios' Food Truck Chef.

On tilt

“We are uniquely positioned to address the pain points developers face in breaking through the clutter, efficiently acquiring players, and increasing their lifetime value,” said Tilting Point CEO Kevin Segalla.

“Our interests are truly aligned with the developer since we put our own dollars at risk to fund the marketing campaign. We aren’t providing loans nor taking equity and there is no ongoing revenue share.”

Tilting Point president Samir El Agili added: “Mobile game success is highly dependent on great live-operations, deep data analytics and powerful user acquisition.

“We are continuously evolving our machine learning technology to stay at the cutting edge, and we have the right talent DNA to be the best partner for live game management.

“We are not merely focused on reducing CPI. By helping developers to grow LTV as well, we are able to scale a game much more effectively.”