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Nextgen publisher Tilting Point seeks a Marketing Manager

New York firm hiring experienced marketing pro
Nextgen publisher Tilting Point seeks a Marketing Manager
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When interviewed Tilting Point's President and Co-Founder Dan Sherman, it became apparent that the New York firm wanted to do something different.

Preferring the term 'new generation games partner' to 'publisher', Sherman explained that "we built the company entirely to serve the needs of independent game developers."

Tipping the balance

Now, the company is looking for a Marketing Manager to help serve these needs, by positioning products and executing worldwide marketing plans.

The successful candidate will be the point of contact between Tilting Point and the platform holders, as well as strategising campaigns across various channels to market the company's games as effectively as possible.

3-5 years spent marketing games is essential for the role, and free-to-play experience is preferred.

For more information on the role, you can view the full listing on the jobs board.

For tips on applying and an insight into company culture, you can read the aforementioned interview here.