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Klang Games partners with Tilting Point to publish ReRunners

Asynchronous racer coming soon
Klang Games partners with Tilting Point to publish ReRunners
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Oct 28, 2015 partnership Klang Games Tilting Point Not disclosed
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Berlin-based indie studio Klang Games has announced that it will be partnering with Tilting Point to publish and support its upcoming title ReRunners.

Klang Games, which has recently received investment from London Venture Partners (LVP), will maintain full ownership of the ReRunners IP while benefiting from the funding, live ops, and marketing offered by Tilting Point.

Run for it

ReRunners is currently in beta, and is an asynchronous multiplayer racer.

It joins Leo's Fortune, Languinis, and the Harmonix-developed Apple TV launch game Beat Sports on Tilting Point's growing roster.

"Tilting Point sees the vision and potential in ReRunners, and impressed us with their comprehensive in-house team and clear focus on their external developer partners,” said Klang Games co-founder Ívar Emilsson.


“They also posted some outstanding race times during their testing of ReRunners, so we decided to do the deal with them!"

Dan Sherman, president and co-founder of Tilting Point, was similarly enthusiastic about the deal.

He noted that for a well-funded developer to still strike a deal with a publisher heralds a new style of developer-publisher relationship in which finance isn't the sole objective.

“This deal marks a new era of collaboration between independent developers and the growing ecosystem of organizations that are designed to support them," he said.

"Many consider the backing of a top-tier game VC like LVP and the unique publishing services model of a partner like Tilting Point to be mutually exclusive. In fact, we bring very different and complementary strengths to the table, which when combined give Klang and ReRunners the best shot at success."