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Leveraging IP on a shoestring budget with Tilting Point’s Enric Pedró | Podcast

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Leveraging IP on a shoestring budget with Tilting Point’s Enric Pedró | Podcast
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Monster IP may require a monster budget, but smaller studios can still tap into cultural trends to perform well in the app stores — provided they know the right questions to ask and licensors to pitch. 

Tilting Point SVP of marketing Enric Pedró gives us all the answers about IP ahead of the company's upcoming release, Godzilla vs. Kong: Titan Chasers. From overlooked sources of IP to the tools you need to start integrating product placement in your games, Pedró reveals everything studios need to consider when launching a game with intellectual property.

Whether you’re an indie developer looking to make a splash or a seasoned pro looking for fresh strategies, this episode is packed with actionable insights to level up your studio and leverage IP in your mobile games.


What's inside:

00:00 - Intro
01:28 - How Enric got into games
03:49 - Working with monster IP
05 - Smaller studios can leverage IP
10:31 - Value of IP
16:02 - Overlooked sources of IP 
22:18 - What do you need to start?
28:55 - How to talk to licensors
33:26 - Product placement
36:09 - Keeping your team on track
45:30 - Favourite games Q&A

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