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Tim Cook set to testify at Epic vs Apple trial

CEO said to have prepared for numerous hours
Tim Cook set to testify at Epic vs Apple trial

Apple CEO Tim Cook is set to testify today as part of the ongoing legal battle between the company and Epic Games.

As reported by the WSJ, the 60-year old business executive will look to make the case that Apple's practices with its App Store do not constitute a monopoly.

It's said that Cook has gone to great effort in preparation for the trial.

So much so, that he has been conducting hours of "practice rounds from former prosecutors" to help best form a defence,

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney took the stand at the beginning of the month, arguing that the App Store 30 per cent cut was outdated and unfair.

Apple generated close to $54 billion in 2020 from the App Store alone, according to Sensor Tower data.

$100 million from Fornite

More recently, however, Apple head of games business development Michael Schmid was called to testify, where he admitted that Apple accumulated more than $100 million from Fortnite being on the iOS platform (via Bloomberg).

Schmid could not confirm whether this number was actually closer to $200 million when questioned further by Epic's attorneys.

On May 17th, Apple fellow Phil Schiller revealed during his testimony (via AppleInsider) that the iPhone maker's Worldwide Developers Conference costs approximately $50 million a year to host.

It was later revealed that Apple had rejected over one million apps to its App Store, as well as a further one million app updates in 2020.

Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store in August 2020 after introducing its own in-app payment system. This then began the legal proceedings with Epic, with the trial set to end soon.