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Toon Blast revenue rockets to $200 million in its first year

Toy Blast follow-up reaches milestone thanks to a successful celebrity marketing campaign
Toon Blast revenue rockets to $200 million in its first year

Peak Games’ hit mobile game Toon Blast has reached worldwide revenues of $200 million.

Sensor Tower reports that the successor to Toy Blast reached the milestone after only a year on the App Store and Google Play.

Toon Blast has found the most success in the US, making up 60 per cent of total player spending at $120 million. The UK takes a far smaller slice at second, making up five per cent of the audience.

Meanwhile iOS owners made up the larger part of the revenue, contributing 62 per cent of total spending.

Blast off

Of course, Toon Blast was recently aided by a performance marketing campaign featuring Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds.

The series of ads involved creating a range of scripts and video clips designed to target specific demographics, and which are rapidly iterated on based on performance.

Peak Games was able to work on the collaboration in part thanks to selling its casual card game portfolio to Zynga for a cool $100 million.

The developer was recently ranked 10th in top 50 developer list for 2018.