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Toon Blast surpasses $2.5 billion with newfound revenue resurgence

Peak Games’ 2017 title is on the rise again with its best H1 since 2021
Toon Blast surpasses $2.5 billion with newfound revenue resurgence
Date Type Companies Involved Key Datapoint
Jul 1, 2024 milestone Peak Games $2.6 billion
  • Toon Blast is on the rise again with its best monthly revenues since 2021
  • The game has generated $2.6 billion in lifetime revenue

Peak Games’ mobile unicorn Toon Blast is on the rise again, returning to monthly revenue rates unprecedented since the mid-pandemic boom of 2021.

In that year the game generated $223.4 million between January and June, according to AppMagic data, but this fell to $188.3 million in 2022. Revenue dropped off more steeply in the first half of 2023, down to $135 million.

But now, six months into 2024, Toon Blast’s revenue is plainly on the rise once more. In fact, this year the game has earned $212.7 million so far.

The road to $2.6 billion

Toon Blast first released in 2017 and quickly proved a success for Peak Games, earning $200 million in its first year and supporting the dev’s climb to $1 billion across its portfolio by August 2019.

Peak Games’ accomplishments ultimately led to its acquisition by Zynga in 2020, mere months before Toon Blast made it to $1 billion in earnings on its own.

Toon Blast’s revenue has more than doubled since then to $2.6 billion, with the overwhelming majority of that sum coming from spenders in the US and Japan. In fact, US players have spent $1.5 billion in Toon Blast and Japanese spenders $494 million, meanwhile the third-biggest contributor, Canada, has spent only $78 million.

The US and Japan also comprise the largest audiences of Toon Blast, with AppMagic estimating 31% of downloads have come from the States and 11% from Japan. Notably, Brazil ranks third for downloads while Canada doesn’t rank in the top 10.

Back on track

$2.6 billion in lifetime revenue is an impressive feat for any game, and just as impressive is Toon Blast’s recent rise in revenue again after a decline lasting 20 months.

"Toon Blast gross bookings have almost doubled compared to a year ago which is a great achievement by the whole team," Omer Inonu, CEO of Peak Games told "Some features have contributed more than others but the main change we did was increasing the number of tests we conducted in any given time to improve the gameplay experience. Relentless focus on improving the gameplay experience was key in this achievement."

The turnaround began in October 2023 and revenue climbed monthly to a current post-pandemic peak of $37.6 million in January 2024. Since then, the game has stabilised at over $35 million per month - more than double 2023’s average $16.6 million in monthly earnings.

Notably, Toon Blast’s change in fortunes coincides with a series of 3D animations released on the game’s official YouTube channel.

These ads add a sense of urgency and excitement to the game and have played their part on enticing new players on board.

"At Peak, we believe that continuous improvement of our people, teams and products are at the core of everything we do," explained Inonu. "We are about to celebrate Toon Blast's seventh birthday and still being able to grow such a beloved franchise after all these years is a testament to our values."