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Top-down shooter Mighty Doom receives new trailer and release date

The mobile spin-off of ID’s revived, iconic shooter franchise is being developed in-house
Top-down shooter Mighty Doom receives new trailer and release date

The latest mobile game based on Bethesda’s catalogue of franchises, Mighty Doom, has received a new trailer and a release date of March 2023.

The game was previously announced - and soft launched - over a year ago in 2021 and this new trailer gives us our first glimpse of the game in action. The game is a top-down, shooter-runner hybrid featuring the rebooted “2016” version of the iconic Doomguy (here renamed to the “DOOM Slayer”). It follows a number of other Bethesda spin-offs on mobile, such as The Elder Scrolls: Blades and Fallout Shelter which experimented with the various game’s formulas on the mobile platform.

Mighty Doom is being developed by Alpha Dog Games, who were acquired by Bethesda back in 2019, who were then acquired by Zenimax Media. Now, after a long development cycle the game finally has a release date of March 2023.

The long road of Doom

Mighty Doom is an interesting case study for the long and often tough development cycle many games can have, even on mobile. However, as noted in’s preview back in 2021, this will be the first Doom mobile game in over ten years following the release of the cult classic Doom RPG for early flip phones - which proved popular enough to be reverse-engineered onto modern Windows PC’s - and the smartphone ports of the classic Doom 1 & Doom 2 titles.

The game follows wider experimentation with Bethesda’s catalogue when making the jump to mobile. RPG shooter Fallout became a strategy base-builder in Fallout Shelter and Elder Scrolls: Blades added a city-building mechanic to the usual dungeon-crawling looter gameplay. 

Bethesda - who found themselves dragged into the spotlight of the ongoing AquiBlizz saga - will be hoping that the game does the famous series justice, further boosting their already strong mobile presence.