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Twitch rakes in more revenue than YouTube, says report

Superdata reveals Twitch's rise to the top
Twitch rakes in more revenue than YouTube, says report

As the online gaming video revenue pot fills to $3.8 billion, a new report has shone light on how live streaming is drinking a big slurp of that share.

While YouTube still sits on top in terms of viewership, Twitch generates more money – according to market intelligence firm Superdata.

486 million people currently watch game-related content online, including live streams, trailers, walkthroughs and fan made videos.

Revenue streams

YouTube remains the most mainstream platform to get this content, but Twitch owns the highest market share by revenue at 43 percent – largely thanks to its hardcore audience.

Superdata claims that almost half of streaming audiences (44 percent) will pay for subscriptions, adding up to around $21 a month alongside average donations of $4.64 to streaming personalities.

The news comes just days after it was revealed that King YouTuber PewDiePie doubled his earnings over the last year, raking in $7.45 million during 2014.

Superdata acknowledged that there are some new entrants to the video market, but they are still only getting about 10 percent of viewership.

By 2018, the firm predicts that the number of players watching gaming video content online will reach 790 million.