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Ubisoft partners with Mozilla for new bug detecting AI Clever Commit

Looks to improve Ubisoft’s player base
Ubisoft partners with Mozilla for new bug detecting AI Clever Commit
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Ubisoft has teamed up with Mozilla to create a coding assistant AI technology that will help make programmers aware of new bugs when implementing new code.

Yves Jacquier, head of Ubisoft La Forge, unveiled the partnership at this year’s DICE Summit in Las Vegas, who said Ubisoft would work alongside web browser firm Mozilla to further develop the technology.

Named Clever Commit, the prototype was first launched last year by Ubisoft’s Montreal research lab under the name Commit-Assistant.

Ubisoft Montreal and Concordia University have been testing the AI for over a year. The aim of the technology is to help identify and fix any bugs that could potentially harm Ubisoft’s player base.

Very excited

“We are very excited to work with Ubisoft and to contribute to the development of Clever-Commit. Fixing bugs is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process,” said lead of Firefox release and quality management Sylvestre Ledru.

“Even more so for large and complex bodies of code like browsers and triple-A games. By incorporating Clever-Commit into our developer workflow, we will improve Firefox’s code-writing process by spotting bug patterns and flagging past patches earlier, at a stage when fixing a bug is a lot cheaper than upon release.

“This in turn will allow us to ship even more stable versions of Firefox and provide even better browsing experiences to Firefox users.”