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Ubisoft, Warner Bros. and GREE back BlueStacks GamePop

The battle for the living room heats up
Ubisoft, Warner Bros. and GREE back BlueStacks GamePop

Unconsole outfit BlueStacks has announced that top-tier developers Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, GREE, and Ubisoft have signed onto its GamePop service.

The three companies have all signed up in order to bring their games to the living room via the Android-based GamePop hardware and streaming service, adding to a roster that already contains 100 other developers, including Glu Mobile, and HalfBrick.

GamePop was first tested in Dallas in the summer of 2013, and a largely positive response prompted the firm to go ahead with plans to develop a console aimed at the mobile generation.

Accessibility is crucial

Rosen Sharma, BlueStacks CEO, has suggested that the industry's big players are becoming increasingly interested in GamePop because of how simple it is to get their software onto the device.

"GamePop is SDK-free, [and] unlike some of the bigger guys joining the space who require a lot of engineering work of developers, we leverage our Distributed Sensor Technology to do the work for them," said Sharma.

"GamePop is the only TV gaming solution that does not require developers to give up any source code or make any changes to their apps."

Transforming mobile content

BlueStacks has now announced more top-tier partners for its GamePop platform than any other company in the space, with the firm seemingly one of the go-to guys for those companies looking to dominate the battle for the living room.

"Working with BlueStacks will help us deliver a totally new experience with our mobile content. We can now give consumers more choices on how they want to play their favourite mobile games whether it be mobile, tablet or now the TV," said Chris Early, Ubisoft's VP of Digital Distribution.