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How Ubisoft worked with MoPub to add rewarded videos and double LTV

Another string to the publisher's revenue bow
How Ubisoft worked with MoPub to add rewarded videos and double LTV
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With a portfolio ranging from casual games like the Hungry Shark franchise and Rayman to core mobile games like the Assassins' Creed series, generating advertising revenue in a flexible and seamless manner hasn't always been easy for Ubisoft.

That's because it's difficult to find an ad format that balances revenue goals with the varied user experiences of each game.

For operational reasons, it needed to accomplish this in a single, consolidated platform, providing the level of control that enabled it to manage all ad formats, including existing fullscreen display and video ads.

And to top matters, Ubisoft also wanted to add rewarded video ads into the mix.

Value add

Working with Twitter-owned MoPub, Ubisoft found a partner it could work with from a technical and operational point of view.

For example, during December 2015 and January 2016, MoPub served a total of 687 million ad requests for rewarded video ads across Ubisoft's mobile games.

It was also pleased to see that the additional in-game revenue generated for players as they watched rewarded video ads results in its F2P games being better balanced in terms of competitive interactions between players who bought IAPs and those who didn't.

More generally, retention and engagement also increased.

"Rewarded video ads have doubled the average LTV of our users in some cases and improved the reciprocity of what we offer users in-app," commented Ubisoft monetisation manager Baptiste Chardon.

"We just wanted one platform to manage all our ads and I can trust MoPub to manage all our rewarded ad networks - and more importantly, offer us longer term ways to increase revenue."

"Working with the MoPub account management team is really great: they know their products and always have useful insights on how to keep improving our performance."