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Mumbai-based UnderDOGS Gaming Studio funded for undisclosed amount

Intelli Reboot Digital acquires stakes
Mumbai-based UnderDOGS Gaming Studio funded for undisclosed amount
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Jul 18, 2016 investment underDOGS Gaming Studio Not disclosed
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Mumbai-based developer UnderDOGS Gaming Studio has received an investment of undisclosed size from digital platform firm Intelli Reboot Digital, who will also acquire a significant stake in the company.

Tied up in the deal were other agreements that UnderDOGS is hoping will open doors, including relationships with Disney and alternative distribution platforms such as Samsung's Tizen, Baidu's Mobojoy, and the Indian educational games portal Worldoo.

New platforms

“UnderDOGS bring to Reboot a strong team that understands the complexities of delivering world class commercially successful products,” commented Vaibhav Chavan, company founder and Indian Maven.

Most recently, the studio - which was formed back in 2011 - partnered with Dutch publisher Spil Games to release Skatelander.

"We are dealing with Samsung to bring all the games from the studio to the Tizen Platform. We are also publishing all our created games on Baidu’s store - MoboJoy," Chavan continues.

"We have also ventured with Worldoo for a year [of] creating original content which is going to be published not only on [the] Worldoo platform, but also on Android and iOS platforms”.

Hand-in-hand with brands

Where Intelli Reboot Digital's - and, increasingly, UnderDOGS' - interest lies is in working with various brands and movies, which gives us a hint as to what we can expect from the studio going forward.

“Through this acquisition, Reboot will strengthen its already robust digital portfolio, to become a prominent player in the gaming space," said Sameer Mahuli, founder of Intelli Reboot Digital.

"[We are] focused on building gaming experiences for the global market, including corporate and celebrity games, and enabling games to monetise effectively."

[Source: inc42]