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Unity acquires player engagement platform Playnomics

Helgason: Technology to be integrated into Unity Cloud suite
Unity acquires player engagement platform Playnomics
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Apr 18, 2014 acquisition Playnomics Unity Technologies Not disclosed

Following the purchase of Everyplay creator Applifier just before GDC, Unity has taken to its blog to announce yet another acquisition, this time in the form of Playnomics.

The company compiles player analytics to determine both why and how users take on games in the way they do, with developers able to utilise that data to increase engagement with their audience.

According to Unity CEO David Helgason, the acquisition of Playnomics illustrates Unity's unwillingness to "sit back and be happy with the impact our tools and business decisions have made in games development overall."

All about play

"We're continuing our steps forward towards providing all of the developers using Unity the best tools to make their businesses a success after the process of creating an awesome game is complete," said Helgason of the purchase.

"Much like Everyplay (even if very differently), Playnomics works on solving the challenges that developers face in unique ways.

"Playnomics has developed tools that help identify the ways that players interact with games and help you as a developer to make real-time decisions on how to interact with the community to keep them having fun and coming back for more."

Though there will be no immediate changes to the way Playnomics works, Helgason says its services will be integrated into Unity Cloud's suite, dubbing the merger a "work in progress".

"In the meantime, make sure to check out the new SDK," he concluded. "It's currently available on the Playnomics website and will also be heading to the Asset Store soon."

[source: Unity]