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US Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sales to resume on October 21st

US Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sales to resume on October 21st

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sales in the US will resume on October 21st, according to a report.

A planning document obtained by Venturebeat stated it will be another month before the Note 7 is launched again.

It noted however that users who have already bought the phone and since returned it will likely receive their new handsets sooner.

Total recall

Sales of the phone have stopped and devices recalled after it was found a number of devices had exploded due to a battery defect.

A Florida man is suing Samsung after the phone allegedly exploded in his pocket causing burns to his leg and thumb.

It has been suggested by some analysts that it could cost Samsung as much as $1 billion to recall and replace all 2.5 million phones shipped around the world.

Bloomberg reports some of the issues with the devices may have stemmed from Samsung’s rush to bring the Galaxy Note 7 to market ahead of the iPhone 7.

A person “with direct knowledge” claimed it had pushed suppliers to meet tighter deadlines to ensure it beat Apple to launch.

Though the Galaxy Note 7 won’t resume US sales until October 21st, sales in South Korea are set to resume on September 28th.