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Valve reveals Steam Deck handheld, launching from $399 this year

The Steam Deck will begin shipping in December 2021
Valve reveals Steam Deck handheld, launching from $399 this year
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Valve has unveiled the Steam Deck, a new Switch-like handheld that will run Steam games on the go.

After rumours of a portable PC device from the company began to circulate in May, the Steam Deck's existence has now been confirmed. The portable handheld will even have its own official dock (sold separately) that can be plugged in and played via a TV or monitor.

The Steam Deck will be available to purchase with three different storage options: 64GB ($399), 256GB ($529) and 512GB ($649). All of them will feature a seven-inch LCD touch screen display at 1280 by 800 resolution and 60Hz refresh rate, while utilising a custom AMD accelerated processing unit. Battery life is expected to last between two to eight hours.

Described as an open PC by the company, the Steam Deck will run on the customised Linux operation system SteamOS, providing an interface similar to the current Steam setup. With this, the handheld can download and use Windows, allowing access to the entire Steam library as well as further subscriptions, such as Xbox Game Pass.

All about reactions

"For us, it's really how the does the press react and what are they saying about it? What are they saying about it a year later right, what's the perception? What are gamers saying? What are their reactions? What are our partners saying?," Valve president Gabe Newell told IGN in an interview.

"[These] are the kinds of things that are most helpful to us, because our assumption is these are long-term decisions we are making about how we can contribute to the health and the vitality of the ecosystem, and we're always going to be successful as long as that's continuing to happen."

The Steam Deck will begin shipping in December 2021 with pre-orders set to go live later today (July 16th) at 13:00 EDT (18:00 UK time).

To combat scalpers, only those that have made a purchase on Steam before June 2021 and are willing to put $5 upfront will be able to reserve a device during the first 48-hours of sale.

The timing from Valve is interesting considering that Nintendo just announced the Nintendo Switch (OLED model), meaning the two will be going head-to-head this holiday.

Nintendo also just revealed a slew of new releases at E3 2021, including a new Metroid, WarioWare and more details surrounding Breath of the Wild 2. What Valve looks to offer in terms of new exclusives is yet to be seen.