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Steam mobile app receives major update with new beta

The new app is currently in beta
Steam mobile app receives major update with new beta
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Valve has announced that a new version of the Steam Mobile App is currently in beta.

Steam is primarily known as a platform where users can download and play PC games. However, the app has been out of date for some time, receiving only minor updates despite the ever-increasing power of mobile devices – and the increased amount of time users spent on mobile devices during the pandemic.

The updated app will maintain things which users are already happy with, such as the ability to use the chat features on their phones, while adding new features such as smarter notifications and QR code sign-in.

Users can now also add multiple accounts on the app, allowing individual users to access their libraries from the same device.

Streams and steams

It's possible that the new app could bring the existing streaming service to the next level, taking advantage of the increased power of mobile devices since the app's inception. Could newer versions combine the Steam Link app with the Steam app?

The aim of the beta is to assess what’s working in the new version of the app and address any issues before the updates are rolled out to a general audience. The beta first went live on August 26, and users have already identified several issues which have since been fixed, such as issues with the user interface and the chosen in-app language not being applied consistently.

However, more problems still persist. It’s important to note that the app is being tested on both Android and iOS, and that even within the same operating system there are variations in both the software and hardware, which can affect the user experience for users of a specific device.

Applications for the beta are currently open, however, the iOS beta group is limited to ten thousand users, in line with Apple policies. and numerous users on the update thread on Steam’s forum are complaining that these slots are currently full. However, more slots will be opened as the beta progresses.

Valve has been growing increasingly experimental in recent years, releasing the Steam Deck – a handheld gaming computer - last year.