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Vikings: Valhalla mobile adaptation launches as a Netflix exclusive

With playable characters from the hit TV show, fans have a new game to keep them busy in the wait for Season 3
Vikings: Valhalla mobile adaptation launches as a Netflix exclusive

September 7 marked the launch of Netflix’s latest gaming exclusive and an adaptation of hit TV series Vikings: Valhalla.

The mobile title shares its name with the series and has been made freely available to Netflix subscribers, who can also use the streaming service to watch the MGM show.

The power of exclusivity

Emerald City Games developed Vikings: Valhalla as a real-time strategy game where players can claim gold and glory, grow their own Viking settlement, and play through the campaign of an aspiring jarl. In addition to the game’s original protagonist, playable versions of the show’s leads Leif Eriksson, Freydis Eriksdotter and Harald Hardrada will feature.

Marking publisher Tilting Point’s third Netflix exclusive game, Vikings: Valhalla follows in the footsteps of SpongeBob: Get Cooking and Narcos: Cartel Wars Unlimited, and can be accessed only through the Netflix mobile app on iOS and Android.

"We’re thrilled to bring an IP rich with history and fan-favourite characters to life for Netflix members," said Tilting Point founder and CEO Kevin Segalla. "MGM’s Vikings: Valhalla is a massive hit on Netflix, so we’re looking forward to providing the fanbase and players with more ways to interact with their favourite stories from this beloved show."

Releasing as a Netflix exclusive is the obvious move for such a title, encouraging viewers of the show to play the new game while waiting for the third season, and encouraging Netflix gamers to stream the show.

Tilting Point has in fact worked with MGM before, partnering to bring Stargate SG-1 to AstroKings after acquiring developer AN Games in 2022.

MGM’s Vikings: Valhalla, meanwhile, is a spinoff sequel to Vikings, a show that ran for over seven years before concluding in 2020. Characters from the original Vikings show appeared in NetEase’s Vikingard over the course of three collaborations, each a natural fit given their shared barbaric inspirations.

With more than 80 games under its belt, we listed Tilting Point among our Top 50 Game Makers this year.