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Virtuos opens mobile game design studio in Paris

Ex-Kobojo Marketing Manager Jean-Baptiste Fleury heads up new team
Virtuos opens mobile game design studio in Paris

Outsourcing firm Virtuos has opened a new studio in Paris dedicated to mobile game design.

The company, which also works on its own projects, aims to bring together creatives at the France office with the Asia-based production teams to develop new games.

The studio will be headed up by Mobile Studio Director Jean-Baptiste Fleury. He has previously worked as Marketing Director at Kobojo, Strategic Planning Manager at Ubisoft and Marketing Manager at Nintendo.

Creative talent

“The Paris Notre Dame studio allows us to leverage creative talents in France as well as to attract international talents who would like to experience the historic Paris,” said Gilles Langourieux, CEO and founder of Virtuos.

Virtuos was founded in 2004 and employees over 1,100 staff in offices around the world in China, Canada, Vietnam, France, Japan and the US.

Projects the company has worked on include Watch Dogs 2, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, XCom Enemy Within and Carbon Warfare.