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Voodoo launches 'unlimited value' hypercasual development competition on 10 October

First prize guarantees a minimum of $1 million
Voodoo launches 'unlimited value' hypercasual development competition on 10 October
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French hypercasual publisher Voodoo has revealed a new competition to bring the next hypercasual hit.

The competition will commence on October 10th and will support studios in creating and launching a hypercasual game.

The competition will grant studios the opportunity to push their ideas and prototypes into the mobile app charts.

Throughout the competition, Voodoo will provide support to participants from its publishing and product teams, alongside marketing insights and livestreams to assist studios in developing their prototypes.

Voodoo has stated that there is no limit on the total value of prizes given and will allow developers to submit an unlimited number of prototypes to win multiple prizes.

Supporting hypercasual development

The first prize will consist of a minimum of $1 million and will be rewarded to all games that exceed 5 million downloads on iOS in the US in the first four months following the full launch.

The second prize is a minimum guarantee of $200,000 for any launched and confirmed game during or as a result of the competition.

The third prize will see games that hit a $0.20 CPI and 30% day one retention on Android, or $0.30 CPI and 30% day one retention on iOS receive $10,000.

Additionally, Voodoo will always grant a referral prize of $100,000 for referring a studio with a confirmed hit game during or after the competition.

Voodoo will host a webinar for participants before the competition begins on October 7th at 2pm BST (3pm CET).

The competition is the hypercasual publisher’s longest competition window to date and will last from October 10th to December 10th.

Those who wish to take part in the competition can register and submit their games here until December 9th at 11pm BST (December 10th 12am CET).

The French firm recently acquired Israeli startup Beach Bum, a developer of mobile versions of traditional tabletop and card games for an undisclosed amount.