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Voodoo acquires London-based Gumbug

The sum is undisclosed
Voodoo acquires London-based Gumbug
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Dec 12, 2019 acquisition Gumbug Voodoo Not disclosed

French mobile publisher and developer Voodoo has acquired London-based games studio Gumbug.

Speaking to VentureBeat, Voodoo CEO Alexandre Yazdi has claimed that the acquisition may allow the team to grow from 15 people to possible 20 to 25.

The sum of the deal has remained undisclosed.

“We detected a really great team here, and we believe it has much more potential,” said Yazdi.

“We are thrilled at the opportunity to work with Voodoo through a much closer relationship, combining our experience with theirs to continue to innovate and develop leading mobile game experiences,” said Gumbug co-founder Simon Hill in a statement.

“We knew immediately that Voodoo would be a perfect partner due to their industry knowledge and super-charged focus on data-driven development.”

Assess the situation

So far, the company has created more than 100 games, amounting to 300 million monthly active users. Since 2013, the French studio has seen 2.6 billion downloads.

“What we do is try to assess as fast as possible the potential of the game,” said Yazdi.

“So after a few weeks or months of development, we just launch the game on the app store, and we look at the retention metrics in order to see whether the users really love the game. And if not, we just try to kill the game very fast.

“So that enables us to focus most of our time and energy only in high potential games.”

Continued expansion

The acquisition of Gumbug gives Voodoo a foothold in the UK, it comes less than a month after the firm expanded into Montreal with a new studio.

Before this, the Hyper-casual specialist opened a new studio in Istanbul. In November 2018, the studio made its presence known Germany with a new office in Berlin.