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Vungle spreads video ad loving with support for Windows 10

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Vungle spreads video ad loving with support for Windows 10
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Given the fast-maturing state of the mobile games market, the focus for UA is now anything that's emerging.

For some companies that's Apple TV, for others Instagram.

In the case of Vungle, it's Windows 10.

The video ad platform has announced its SDK now supports the OS alongside iOS and Android, meaning it's the first global monetisation and UA networks covering mobile devices, tablets and PCs.

In this way, the ability to run the same creative across all devices will be a significant addition, notably for companies that support a universal approach to content.

Easy, everywhere

"Vungle makes it easy for everyone - from game developers to brands and ad agencies - to incorporate high-quality and engaging mobile video ads in any type of app," said Vungle CEO Zain Jaffer.

"We have made a strong investment in our support for Windows 10, which has seen incredible adoption worldwide.

"With our support of Windows, Vungle becomes the only true cross-platform solution to provide high-quality, high-performing in-app video ads for the three most popular operating systems."

Vungle SDK for Windows 10 is available for immediate download from the Vungle website.