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War Child's Armistice campaign raises $122,000 from four developers

Hoping to attract more studios next time
War Child's Armistice campaign raises $122,000 from four developers

Four game studios have helped raise $122,000 for UK-based children's charity War Child with the industry's first digital armistice.

Positech Games donated $15,166 raised from its net income of strategy title Democracy 3, while iNK Stories raised $1275 from sales of 1979 Revolution: Black Friday. Both titles are available on mobile.

Wargaming raised $84,798 for the charity by selling "peace" emblems and specific bundles in World of Tanks. The bundles were however only available in the PC and console versions of the game.

Another PC and console game, Verdun, raised a further $21,299.


"At War Child we're really overwhelmed by the generosity of the studios that took part. We'd also like to thank all the players who downloaded content or showed their support," said Wayne Emanuel, Gaming Development Manager at War Child.

"War Child relies on support of partners like those who took part in Armistice to be able to provide our crucial work. We are already excited about the next Armistice where we hope we can build on this year's fantastic efforts and raise even more!"

The War Child Armistice fundraiser was announced in November 2016. As well as raising money for the charity, it was hoped the campaign would also highlight the cause to other developers who may want to get involved next time around.