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We mixed things up at our Berlin Mobile Mixer

King and crobo sponsored a night of brilliant debate
We mixed things up at our Berlin Mobile Mixer
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Beautiful Berlin played host to a Pocket Gamer Mobile Mixer last night and it was fair to say that we had an absolutely spiffing time.

Sponsored by the wonderful King and crobo, roughly 200 of Berlin’s brightest and best crammed into Belushi’s bar to listen in on a passionate panel about free to play and how to use it to build sustainable businesses.

Free the beast

Featuring Gabriel Hacker, Head of Studio at King; Andreas Peltret, Head of Advertiser Business Development at crobo; Eric Seufert, Head of Marketing at Wooga; Konstantin Dieterle, Director Global Game Publisher Accounts at AppLift and Ville Heijari, Head of European Office with Vungle, our panel leapt to the defence of free-to-play and tried to disprove a few untruths along the way.

Our panels of experts
Our panels of experts

From calling out imprecise journalists, who assumed that there is a stigma amongst users to F2P, to welcoming sensible regulation of the industry, there was a real desire from the panel to show that free-to-play is far from the bogeyman many assume it to be.

And, while our panellists were often in agreement on that topic, there was also some time to debate the WWDC announcement.

Happy Mobile Mixers
Happy Mobile Mixers

While Seufert was content with Apple’s iOS 8 announcement, the likes of Dieterle and Peltret were disappointed by the failure to demo a shiny new piece of hardware for them to get their hands on.

Get in the mix

But just in case you’re thinking that you feel like you missed out, never fear: we have plenty more Mixers on the way.

In the June alone, we’re heading to E3 and Google I/O to shake things up. And if you want to bring us to your neighbourhood, we’re on the lookout for the next places we can fly the mixer flag at.

So thanks to all our wonderful panellists for turning up and giving their time to go under the spotlight in Berlin for us.

But a particular thanks to the knowledgeable and fun audience for helping make the night a success – we loved how much you made us feel that we were “ein Berliner”, even if it was just for one night.

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You can check out more information about our sponsors crobo and King by heading to their websites now.