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Weekly global mobile games charts: Pokemon Masters tops US free App Store rank

Rankings from August 26th to October 1st
Weekly global mobile games charts: Pokemon Masters tops US free App Store rank
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To give our readers better insight into the global mobile games industry, we’ve teamed up with market data firm Sensor Tower to bring you exclusive weekly charts from key countries.

These rank games by free downloads, paid downloads and the top grossers across the App Store and Google Play. Each week we’ll be covering the US, Great Britain and Ireland, and China (iOS only) markets.

This week's charts cover the period from August 26th to September 1st.

US charts

DeNA’s collaboration with The Pokemon Company looks to have paid off as Pokemon Masters made its debut at the top of the US App Store for free downloads. The title was also joined by Voodoo’s Crazy Kick and Good Job Games’ Color Saw 3D at third and fifth respectively.

On Android, Pokemon Masters placed second after being unable to usurp Sandwich from Popcore Games, which held onto top spot for another week.

The top grossing charts witnessed the return of Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, which managed to ‘Super Saiyan’ its way to second on Google Play and fourth on the App Store.

Great Britain and Ireland charts

In Great Britain and Ireland, Pokemon Masters failed to claim first place across either store for free downloads, being paralyzed by Popcore Games’ Sandwich yet again.

Sand Balls from Say Games nabbed first for Android as well, resulting in the three-on-three Pokemon battle title placing second on iOS and third on Android.

Trail Boss BMX from Yeah Us tricked its way to fourth on iOS for paid downloads, while Minecraft continued its dominance across both stores at first. Infinite Flight also dropped out of the top 10 after entering the charts last week.

China charts (iOS only)

China’s free downloads chart saw the arrival of three new titles: Leiting Games’ Elona at second, Habby’s Archero at third and Zplay’s Let’s Draw 2 squeezing in at 10th.

Xinge Games’ Legend of Shadow darted to second spot in for paid game, while Ggame Studio’s Dissimilated Land held firmly onto first for another week.

Honor of Kings and Game for Peace continued its never-ending fight for first for top grossers, with the former coming out as the victor this time. However, Hypergraph’s Arknights shot up to fourth position after previously being knocked out of the charts altogether.

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