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What the Golf? dev Triband launches new Apple Arcade game What the Car?

The latest comedy game from Copenhagen-based indie studio
What the Golf? dev Triband launches new Apple Arcade game What the Car?

Copenhagen-based comedy games creator Triband, known for hit indie title What The Golf?, has released What the Car?, a new racing game and has selected Apple Arcade as the exclusive place to play. 

The new game saw a surprise reveal and launch last week, releasing on May 4 2023. Its "super-silly adventure" features a car with legs who is able to sprint jump, fly with a jetpack, roll, climb and more, as players aim for victory on the racetrack "and beyond".

Apple Arcade offers more and more games

What the Car? includes hundreds of levels and gives players the option to create more of their own through the level editor. These levels have hidden treasures, puzzles, burger flipping, fishing and more, and there are also leaderboards to climb.

Last month an update also came to the Apple Arcade version of What the Golf?, bringing with it a total of 35 new levels all inspired by Among Us, aptly named the "Among Golf" update. While What the Golf is also available on PC and Switch, it was only the Apple Arcade version to get this update initially in another win for mobile.

Now, What the Car? has also launched on Apple Arcade and is currently exclusive to the platform. It is the latest in Apple Arcade's recent boom, with 20 new titles added last week alone - a remaster of the popular Hill Climb Racing game among them.

Fingersoft CEO Jaakko Kylmäoja commented on this: "We are thrilled to announce that Hill Climb Racing is now a part of the exclusive Apple Arcade marketplace. Being featured on this platform is a tremendous opportunity for us, and we couldn’t be more excited to share our game with a wider audience."

Back in 2019, FoxNext Games added Triband’s What The Golf? to its indie development fund, after the comedic game took the crown at Pocket Gamer’s 2018 Big Indie Pitch at GDC.