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What the Golf? adds levels inspired by Among Us in latest update

New levels are exclusive to the Apple Arcade version for now
What the Golf? adds levels inspired by Among Us in latest update
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An update to the Apple Arcade version of What the Golf? has brought with it 35 new levels inspired by the hugely popular Among Us, aptly named the "Among Golf" update.

What the Golf is available on PC, Switch and mobile via Apple Arcade, but it is only the latter that currently has the update (another win for mobile!). The others are expected to receive this update in the future, although an exact date has yet to be revealed.

What to expect

An indie golf game by Triband "for people who hate golf", What the Golf’s latest update takes inspiration from Among Us and was approved by its developer InnerSloth, combining anti-golf gameplay with imposters and crewmates and mints an unusual cross-promotional strategy.

The free update is the latest in a series by the indie anti-golfing title, with its physics-based gameplay seeing players to swing their clubs, eggs, toilet paper and other unusual golfing implements to complete the 35 new levels. The game received multiple nominations back at the 23rd annual DICE Awards in 2020.

Prior to this, What The Golf? took the 2018 crown at The Big Indie Pitch, an event run by the makers of

"Do you know that feeling when you love a game so much that you start making levels in your own game about it? That’s normal, right? It’s a cool and normal thing to do. Right?" said Triband creative director Tim Garbos.

"Anyway, we’re so grateful to Innersloth for being too uncomfortable to say no after we said please several times. Love those guys! So sweet. We hope players will enjoy the new Among Us-inspired What the Golf? levels that are still not really about golf!"

During a Roblox outage in 2021, players swarmed to rival mobile games such as Among Us, which saw time spent by players in the app increase by six per cent week-on-week.