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Wildlife Studios prepares to launch AFK Football on September 13

After its success with Tennis Clash the team move onto the world of football
Wildlife Studios prepares to launch AFK Football on September 13

Wildlife Studios has announced that its idle football simulator AFK Football will launch globally on September 13.

The game combines RPG, simulation, and management elements, and aims to allow players of all levels to have fun as they journey to the top of the football world. Players can pre-register now for the title on Android and iOS.

The game will let players compete in 45 second long 5v5 matches and build their own football teams, built from individual players each with their own unique skillsets giving each team their own spin on the game.. Players can also join guilds to help propel their teams to the top of the leaderboard. The title will offer a variety of game modes including tournaments, challenges, and PvE.

Additionally, the game will have the ability to customise clubs and an immersive storyline, with each character having a unique personality and backstory which players can uncover.

Mobile esports

Wildlife has been at the forefront of the mobile sports game scene for some time, primarily thanks to its title Tennis Clash. The game has partnered with major tournaments such as the Australian Open, and been named the official mobile game of Roland-Garros. The success of the title has led to the game being featured in the inaugural Olympic Esports Series.

Mobile’s accessibility as a gaming platform gives it a unique place in the world of sports games. While sports leagues such as FIFA and the NBA have successfully transitioned into gaming with millions of players worldwide, mobile offers a similar experience with a simpler onboarding process, while leveraging the increasing internet penetration and relative affordability of mobile phones to give more players worldwide the chance to engage with sports in a digital space.

Wildlife has already cemented its place in the mobile sports scene, but the release of AFK Football could well help broaden the company’s appeal and open new revenue streams by not just focusing on new sports, but appealing to a new population of players.

We listed Wildlife Studios as one of the top 50 mobile game makers of 2023.