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Zynga celebrates Royal Wedding with Words With Friends 2 Royal Social Dictionary

Blimey I'm gobsmacked
Zynga celebrates Royal Wedding with Words With Friends 2 Royal Social Dictionary
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Zynga is celebrating the imminent Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle by adding a Royal Social Dictionary to Words With Friends 2.

The release of new playable words is an extension of the pop culture-inspired Social Dictionary launched last year that added 50,000 words itself.

The special new ‘Royal Dictionary’ has been curated by The Royals actress Elizabeth Hurley (pictured) and adds words including blimey, skive, clanger, gobsmacked and bagsy to the list of playable words.

Even the cringeworthy ‘Harkle’ - an amalgamation of Harry and Markle - has been added.

Bagsy this crosshead

“Growing up in the UK, we used our own version of slang words to describe common things as a way of emphasizing our feelings in conversation,” said Elizabeth Hurley.

“I was so honored to serve as Royal Ambassador to the team behind Words With Friends 2, to curate the Royal Social Dictionary.

“My hope is that more people will become familiar with the expressions we chose for the game, enjoy them with their friends, and that I won’t have to explain what ‘knackered’ means to my American castmates any longer.”

A teaser of what words await players is below.

  • Ace: Awesome
  • Bagsy: Calling dibs
  • Blimey: Expressing surprise
  • Bloody: Emphasis of an expression
  • Cheerio: Goodbye
  • Chum: A posh mate or best friend
  • Clanger: Mistake
  • Collywobbles: Butterflies in stomach
  • Crikey: Exclamation of surprise
  • Ghastly: Didn’t like something
  • Gobsmacked: Astonished
  • Harkle: Meghan and Harry’s couple name
  • Jammy: Very lucky
  • Knackered: Tired
  • Naff: Unfashionable
  • Paddy: To throw a fit or temper tantrum
  • Ruby: An Indian curry
  • Skive: Faking sick to get out of school or work, like to watch the Royal Wedding
  • Ta: Thanks
  • Telly: Television

Cheers guv. Cringe.

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