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XPLA announce partnership with Xterio

XPLA are hoping to be the leading blockchain for gamers and this partnership is the next step toward that goal
XPLA announce partnership with Xterio
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Blockchain gaming platform XPLA is partnering up with game developer and publisher Xterio.

XPLA, which is built by Com2uS, will be entering a partnership with Xterio a cross-platform web3 game studio that has a focus on multiplayer games and player ownership. XPLA works to bridge the gap between web2 and web3 spaces by building services such as wallets and explorers they also provide design and technical support for developers.

The partnership makes Xterio one of the first web3 organisations to collaborate with XPLA and through the partnership Xterio will be able to utilise the XPLA blockchain on a series of gaming titles and digital assets. The XPLA media content pool will see contributions from Xterio in the hopes of establishing the blockchain as a centre for art, music, and decentralised apps.

Partnership goals

President of Com2uS USA Kyu Lee commented on the partnership, saying "Our partnership with Xterio continues the development of XPLA and will bring a new element of entertainment for our users to enjoy. In the true spirit of Web3, our vision for XPLA is to share the ownership and validation control with our partners, helping to drive innovative ideas while providing key infrastructure support for leading global companies."

Lee also commented that this will mark the first step toward creating a true web3 platform centred on gaming and that by partnering with Xterio they move closer to realising the possibilities of blockchain gaming.

Co-founder of Xterio Jeremy Horn also spoke on the partnership and its future, saying "Web3 is revolutionizing the way that games are played and enjoyed. As we continue on our journey to enrich the gaming experience for users, we seek to partner with the best in the blockchain world which means solidifying our partnership with XPLA. Ownership is a cornerstone of the future of gameplay, and naturally we research the best ways to elevate the experience for players. XPLA mirrors our path in providing a new era of multiplayer experiences built on Web3 technology."

At the start of September Xterio raised over $40m in funding from investors such as FunPlus.