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YoYo Games adds Sequences to GameMaker Studio 2

As part of the version 2.3 update
YoYo Games adds Sequences to GameMaker Studio 2

YoYo Games has released the version 2.3 update for its 2D development tool GameMaker Studio 2.

Naturally, the update includes a range of improvements from GameMaker language to integrated development environment. Furthermore, a host of new features has been added to aid the creation of new games. On top of this, a resource tree has been replaced with asset browser to give developers a more refined experience when dealing with assets.

"With version 2.3 of GameMaker we've not only changed the best practices for doing almost everything in GML but with new features like Sequences and Animation Curve we've introduced incredibly powerful new tools which continue to open-up GameMaker Studio 2 to people who are less experienced with code and who prefer a more visual approach to making games", said YoYo Games general manager Stuart Poole.

"This ability to synchronise audio and animation and invoke instances of it at any point through game logic is going to increasingly add a huge amount of polish to games, by giving content creators a very high level of control over how their designs are implemented within the game."

Follow the sequence

However, perhaps the most exciting addition is sequences, a new tool that will allow users to add sound, animation and visual assets. It goes hand-in-hand with another additional feature animation curves. As such, creators can now design cutscenes and dynamic animations without the need of a coder.

"Developing cutscenes or complex animations may have been difficult before but has been streamlined tremendously with Sequences. With just a couple of keyframes, I'm able to see my animation come to life immediately and make small adjustments to get it just right," said version 2.3 closed-beta participate Sam Baylus from MashArcade.

"Sequences allow me to work quickly, efficiently, and more intuitively than ever before, and developers have only begun to scratch the surface of what Sequences is capable of."

In November 2019, GameMaker Studio 2 users were treated to new educational tools, specifically designed for pre-teens.