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GameMaker Studio 2 gets a new educational tool for preteens

The programme is aimed at 11-to-14 years olds
GameMaker Studio 2 gets a new educational tool for preteens

YoYo Games has launched a new education tool for its GameMaker Studio 2 engine.

The new resource - Space Bubbles - uses a drag and drop presentation to better teach the basics of coding

Space Bubbles is aimed at 11-to-14 years olds - though it is not restricted to this age group - who want to take the beginners steps in programming.

Besides teaching beginners, the new tool can also be used for art students, as a means of teaching them the basic skills for 2D art design - especially for games projects.

GameMaker Studio 2 mobile enables users to create titles for both iOS and Android devices.

"The fundamentals of game coding"

“One of the goals of GameMaker Studio 2 is to teach people the fundamentals of game coding,” said faculty leader for STEAM Faculty at Cotham School,Terry Watts, who designed and created the Space Bubbles educational resources.

“We’ve seen time and time again that teaching game programming to students increases engagement and offers technical and creative problem-solving skills that can be used in a whole slew of fields.


“Space Bubbles is a great starting point for educators introducing students to the world of game programming for the first time.”

You can download Space Bubbles here.