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YoYo Games launches game-making tutorial Little Town for students

A new way to learn Game Maker Studio 2
YoYo Games launches game-making tutorial Little Town for students

YoYo Games has launched interactive game making tutorial, Little Town for its 2D game development engine GameMaker Studio 2.

Targeted at students and hobbyists, Little Town was developed with university lecturer Benjamin Rivers to help new game designers quickly learn the basic functionality of GameMaker Studio 2 in an intrinsic and fun way.

Little Town is an adventure game where players control a child in a picturesque small town.

Players need to gather the right items and bring them to one of the town’s three characters - the Baker, Teacher, and Grocer by following the clues. 

It provides more than eight hours of video tutorials, written documents, and a powerful framework for instructors with guidelines and assessment criteria to help them teach game designs to students.

It also allows for synchronous and asynchronous participation for classroom and remote learning.

Make for teaching

“We’re extremely pleased to release Little Town, our most comprehensive GameMaker tutorial to date and the first in a series of high-quality tutorials which are currently under development," said YoYo Game's GM Stuart Poole.


Benjamin Rivers, Little Town’s creator, added: “While Little Town is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to understand the basics of game making, the tutorial has been developed specifically to support students in higher education who are learning game design”.

You can check out Little Town via the website.