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Zenless Zone Zero July 4th release date confirmed as pre-registrations surpass Honkai: Star Rail’s

When HoYoverse has a new game, everyone takes notice, and a July 4th release date for its latest RPG is sooner than we thought
Zenless Zone Zero July 4th release date confirmed as pre-registrations surpass Honkai: Star Rail’s
  • HoYoverse has confirmed Zenless Zone Zero's release date as July 4th
  • Pre-registrations have already surpassed Honkai: Star Rail's, at 35 million versus 30 million

Genshin Impact dev HoYoverse has confirmed its latest title Zenless Zone Zero will release globally on July 4th this year.

The action RPG will release simultaneously on Android, iOS, PC and PS5, with cross-play and cross-progression both confirmed.

Coming just one year on from Honkai: Star Rail’s launch to worldwide acclaim, all eyes are now on HoYoverse once again, watching with curiosity as to whether the Chinese dev can bottle lightning thrice.

Bigger and better

Designed with action newcomers and veterans in mind, Zenless Zone Zero aims to stand distinct from Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail with its own art style, urban setting, and action focus. Cross-progression will empower players to engage on the go and from the comforts of home using different platforms to suit their preferences.

Accessibility also factors into cross-play - allowing PC gamers to play with their mobile-based friends, for example - and in its combat system, aiming to strike "a balance between accessibility and complexity".

The setting, meanwhile, is a post-apocalyptic one filled with supernatural disasters known as Hollows. New Erdu remains as the last bastion - the only remaining city - where players will find remnants of civilisation.

Naturally, gameplay will involve setting out from New Erdu into the Hollows, completing missions, battling foes and untangling mysteries.

Closed betas have helped rally excitement for the title and the final closed beta ends later today. The number of eager players even exceeds Honkai: Star Rail’s, as 35 million people have pre-registered for Zenless Zone Zero with another five weeks to go. 40 million pre-registrations is the ultimate target.

By comparison, Honkai: Star Rail sat at 10 million pre-registrations 10 days before release and accelerated to 30 million in time for launch.

With Zenless Zone Zero’s pre-registration numbers already higher, HoYoverse has the potential to once again break the industry record for the highest number of mobile downloads on launch day. The accolade is currently held by Honkai: Star Rail for 20 million installs on day one, so Zenless Zone Zero is well positioned to shatter this high score.

Either way, HoYoverse has millions of eager, watchful eyes on it yet again, wondering whether a success on Genshin Impact’s scale is possible in a different genre, if another release will spread its audience too thin, and if that even matters when it comes to revenue.