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Zynga announces Game of Thrones: Legends

The new game invites players to Westeros
Zynga announces Game of Thrones: Legends

Zynga has announced the upcoming release of Game of Thrones: Legends, a new puzzle-based RPG based on the hit franchise, to be released in 2024.

Game of Thrones charts the battle for supremacy in the fantasy world of Westeros. The series garnered critical acclaim for its rich characterisation and epic setpieces, becoming one of the biggest television series of the 21st century. To date, the series has seen numerous game adaptations, including several mobile titles, and a prequel series House of the Dragon, which was released earlier this year to critical acclaim. With numerous other spin offs in development, including a sequel series starring fan favourite Jon Snow, it’s clear that HBO aren’t slowing down when it comes to the franchise.

The new game will put players in the role of a Westerosi leader and tasks them with assembling a team of champions drawn from both Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon as they attempt to gain control of the Iron Throne.

“We’re excited to create an RPG puzzle experience that amplifies the mechanics of skilled play and adds in champion management with the magnificent setting, characters and lore of the Game of Thrones universe from both series,” said Zynga executive vice president of mobile games Yaron Leyvand. “Game of Thrones: Legends will bring your favourite Westeros characters, events and locations to life to create an immersive strategy experience players and fans around the world can enjoy.”

You win or you die

This isn’t Zynga’s first foray into the world of Westeros - the company previously launched Game of Thrones Slots Casino in 2019 - however it does represent the first new game in the universe since Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall in 2020.

Partnering with existing IPs, in a sense, offers games a head start by giving them access to an established fanbase - and with mobile being the world’s most accessible gaming platform, game makers can expect a significant return on investment at a lower development cost compared to console or PC.

While passion for Game of Thrones suffered due to a controversial final season in 2019, the success of House of the Dragon has arguably reignited the dragonfire and brought the franchise back into the limelight - something Zynga no doubt hopes to capitalise on.

Earlier this month, Zynga unveiled its first web3 game, Sugartown.