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Zynga's ad monetisation platform Chartboost announces Chartboost Mediation

Chartboost Mediation provides game makers with an easy-to-use solution for increasing revenue
Zynga's ad monetisation platform Chartboost announces Chartboost Mediation

Zynga and its subsidiary Chartboost have announced Chartboost Mediation, the largest expansion of the company’s Helium platform to date.

Chartboost is an advertising and monetisation platform that offers a range of products to help developers and publishers increase revenue.

Chartboost Mediation combines these services into an all-in-one solution, and is currently being implemented across Zynga’s portfolio, as well as Take-Two’s mobile games.

Chartboost Mediation’s features include access to industry-leading demand sources, allowing developers to tap into sources that may include engaged and high-value users, with the service currently integrated with over 30 industry-leading partners.

The service includes support for new advertising formats, such as playable ads and rewarded interstitials, giving developers the flexibility to engage audiences based on need.

Additionally, the service includes real-time optimisation parameters to help ensure that the best ad is shown to any given user, helping to drive up User Acquisition.

Monetisation matters

“Chartboost Mediation’s new offerings mark a significant milestone toward our goal of helping mobile app developers grow a successful business built for a global audience,” said Chartboost CEO Rich Izzo. “We believe giving developers more control of the monetisation process strengthens their ability to focus on creating world-class games and entertaining experiences to engage their audiences.”

Since 2019, Chartboost has partnered with both developers and publishers, helping them scale through a transparent auction and access to demand sources. The service also allows developers to control every aspect of the mediation process, from testing to fraud prevention, as well as giving them access to real-time optimisations to maximise revenue, while providing a privacy-centric user experience.

We listed Take-Two Interactive as one of the top 50 mobile game makers of 2022. Chartboost CPO Nikhil Mishra will be speaking at PGC London on January 24, 2023, to discuss the importance of transparency and trust in ad monetisation.