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37% of iPhone owners game daily while 46% of Blackberry owners have no games

Marking the contrast
37% of iPhone owners game daily while 46% of Blackberry owners have no games

A lot has changed in the world of mobile games in the past 10 years and that's something we're considering as we repost articles from the past decade.

This week, we consider an example of the advantage of being smartphone-first versus a legacy technology playing catch-up.


It's hardly a surprise that more iPhone users play games than BlackBerry users.

That 51 percent of iPhone users have five or more games installed while 46 percent of BlackBerry owners have no downloaded games throws the contrast into stark relief however.

In addition, 37 percent of iPhone users play games on a daily basis, with puzzle games cited as being most popular.

The figures come from Compete's Q1 2010 Smartphone Intelligence survey, which also points out the growing use of smartphones in terms of social networking and location-based services.

For example, during the past three months, around a third of Android and iPhone owners discovered at least two new businesses they weren't previously aware of as a result of using local search apps.

The rise of gaming

Another aspect of mobile phone usage was revealed by the May finding from the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project.

It says 76 percent of Americans use their phone for photos, 72 percent for texting, 36 percent to access the internet and 34 percent for gaming.

The latter figure is up from 27 percent in April 2009.

[source: Compete & Pew Research Center]