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37 second video ads are most effective for hypercasual games

So claims Liftoff Vungle
37 second video ads are most effective for hypercasual games
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Liftoff Vungle has released a new reported analysing the effectiveness of video ads across various genres of mobile games,

The report, titled Mobile Game Video Ads Analysis: Optimal Video Lengths and End Cards, analysed over one billion device details and installs resulting from 3.7 billion ad impressions.

The data collected enabled Liftoff Vungle to explore parameters such as ad durations end cards across multiple genres for actionable insights.

Game genres including in the report were hypercasual, RPGs, social casino games, strategy games and puzzle games.

Keeping with the times

The top-performing mobile ad creatives for hyper-casual games are fullscreen video ads, 37 seconds long, with video end cards.

Role-playing games are most effective with long-form ads exploring game mechanics since the audiences interested in RPGs are typically keen to experience games rich with detail. The optimal ad length is 46 seconds with looping video end cards.

Social casino ads are better when shorter and mirror the rapid gameplay, such as 10 seconds in length. The standard end cards with a static image and call to action are best here.

Strategy games have many successful options for ad durations and of the end card options, cards that redirect users to the App Store are optimal.

Finally, puzzle game ads are best when showcasing game mechanics, but there are a number of creative combinations that can be explored.

"To thrive in the highly competitive mobile environment, app marketers have to understand how to build and run successful campaigns, and that all starts with effective ad creative," said Vungle vice president of creative labs and brand Si Crowhurst.

"Our in-house team, Vungle creative labs, diligently designs, tests, and iterates on mobile ad creative. We understand what mobile game marketers are up against when they’re optimising creative, and we wanted to share hard data to help them boost their performance."

Mobile Game Video Ads Analysis: Optimal Video Lengths and End Cards is now available for download from Vungle’s website.