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97.6 percent of all YouTube game views are bagged by fan-made channels

Newzoo and Octoly research shines light on viewer habits
97.6 percent of all YouTube game views are bagged by fan-made channels
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New research has revealed that only 2.4 percent of views pertaining to gaming related content on YouTube come from official channels.

Newzoo and Octoly released figures for March 2015 that show 97.6 percent of all gaming views come from official “fan-made” streams – despite the fact that view raking content like game trailers are usually hosted on publisher owned channels.

Back scratching

However, while the “fan-made” channels may be unofficial, there’s still the grey area of publishers paying YouTubers to advertise their products to their fanbase.

With many publishers carving a much larger slice of their advertising budgets for this reason, the new statistic will means this trend is likely to continue.

Elsewhere, the most viewed game video content was Minecraft with 3.9 billion views, though interest had dropped by ten percent since last month. GTA came second and Five Nights At Freddy’s held bronze in the viewing stakes.

Perhaps most starkly, interest in gaming on YouTube skyrocketed up from last month – views of videos created around gaming shot up from 1.5 billion views to 12.3 billion.

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