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Activision's CFO says it will invest in mobile and social development 'methodically'

Looking to avoid a bubble
Activision's CFO says it will invest in mobile and social development 'methodically'

Activision CFO Thomas Tippl has spoken out regarding the future of Activision and its upcoming moves into the mobile and social market.

At Citi 2011 Tech Conference in New York, Tippl highlighted Activision's intentions to conduct its mobile and social games business in a disciplined manner and also how it intends to expand beyond its current games portfolio.


"While our goal is always to be number one in anything we do, even if we only get to half of our fair share in mobile and social over the next three years, it will still represent a significant upside, given that the mobile and social gaming markets have finally reached critical mass," Tippl said

"I expect it to grow at a double-digit clip for the foreseeable future. We are certainly expanding the reach of our franchises through the platforms that are emerging.," he added.

He also said that while Activision had been exploring the genres using its existing licences, in future it would be looking to new properties to broaden its reach. 

But Tippl was quick to stress these future forays wouldn’t appear in app stores and browsers overnight.

"... it's going to be done in a thoughtful, methodical way, and in a way that will tend to create value for our shareholders, as opposed to venture capitalists and private equity firms [that are contributing to] what I would call a bubble valuation," he said. 

Rounding error

This approach echoes previous statements made by Activision chief executive Eric Hirshberg, who urged a cautious approach to the mobile market, dubbing it a "double-edged sword".

Indeed, as pointed out in May, at the moment, mobile is a rounding error within Activision's $4 billion annual turnover. 

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