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Ad creative analysis: How to enhance ad performance in 2024

Tenjin and ObtainAds have joined forces for a report on the current state of the ad creative space and where it’s going next
Ad creative analysis: How to enhance ad performance in 2024
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Dec 14, 2023 report Tenjin
  • Tenjin has partnered with ObtainAds to release a two-part report on ad creatives
  • The report analyses the past two years of creatives and explores potential enhancements in 2024

Tenjin has partnered with ObtainAds to release a new two-part report playing to each company’s strengths; the first part examines mobile gaming data from 2022 and 2023 via Tenjin’s analysis, while part two features ObtainAds’ exploration of different methods for enhancing the performance of ad creatives in 2024.

Overall, the pair analysed more than seven million ad creatives and synthesised six key trends, noting a potential to "reanimate your outdated best performers" as gaming advertisers are still struggling despite a 17% ad impressions surge this year.

After all, regardless of this rise, ad clicks have actually decreased by 7% in 2023 and average CTR decreased 3%.

Reaching future fans

As for how gaming advertisers may increase their potential outreach in 2024, the report suggests deploying holiday and event stylings within ad creatives, as the research found this to be an effective means of increasing viewership in the current market.

Christmas in particular is highlighted in the report, with festively modified ads bolstering lesser-performing creatives while extending the lifespan of those already performing well. While there’s a ways to go until Christmas 2024, these ads are working well in 2023 too, so ObtainAds’ tip could be applied now.

Another important consideration is using video ads instead of still images, which can even mean overlaying a still with simple animations. Adding in a progress bar or countdown encourages viewers too.

"As we navigate the gaming advertising landscape of 2024, I have both bad news and good news to share. The bad news is that there are no signs that 2024 is going to be easier than 2023 for gaming advertisers. The good news is that regardless of what’s going on in the industry, creatives are always going to be one of the key leverage points," said Tenjin marketing director Roman Garbar.

"Privacy changes have not affected the data dimension that helps assess the quality of creatives. Now that we all have AI tools at our disposal, it's easier to produce more creatives in bulk."

AI tools are also being leveraged within the mobile games themselves, not just in ad creatives. Niantic recently revealed plans to enhance Peridot with AI tech, making the Dots more lifelike and realistic in their behaviour.

Tenjin and ObtainAds' full report contains further statistics on the current state of play for ad marketers with more tips for 2024.